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Esecuredata.com, Your Choice to Make Your Own Cloud Service!

Being able to access your files from anywhere and from any computer is one of the great conveniences of the always-on Internet. Online file storage has been around for quite a while, but the latest generation of services are so cheap and easy to use that there is almost no reason not to back some of your files up into the cloud. Most online storage providers also give you the ability to then share these files with your friends and colleagues.

Cloud computing is a new technology concept at the moment that allows users of IT, or better known as a user, to use IT products in the form of a service, with this concept of a company or organization service users no longer need to think about the technology infrastructure, to training experts, or purchase a software license. With cloud computing, enterprise or organization simply subscribe to one or more services required by the payment made per service over the Internet.

To make a cloud service, you need a server  that allow you to accommodate the service. To make this service, you need a dedicated server. I supposed to you to have more than one dedicated server. Those dedicated servers must be your cloud servers to make the service reliable. The other alternative are creating a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS (Virtual Private Server) is virtualization technology where you can have a virtual server resources like CPU, RAM and it’s storage allocated for certain without having a physical server. This technology allows you to have root access and custom servers to suit your needs. Of course it needs inexpensive cost to rent this server. Of course, with that server above, you do not having them all to make a cloud service.

But you do not need to worry. Becouse there are so many companies that rent those kinds of servers. But, there are some case that I ever met. There are some company that offers to their client a cheap server. They promised to their customers a high performance server. They said that they are the best server in the world. But actually it doesn’t. Their server run slowly. It means that, doesn’t matter how many cores or how much RAM or disk space. If it’s down, your Internet business is down.

If you want to make a cloud service, here is some tips from me:

  1. If you do not have a lot of time to manage or maintaining your own server, rent a server. Of course, you have to find the specification of the server. Find a company that rent a high performance server. Know their server specification. Are they used the high processor and  RAM technology?
  2. Find the company that have full customer service supports.
  3. Find the company that give an unmetered bandwith.
  4. Find the company that rent a high performance server that always up.
  5. Find the company that allows you to manage your server by yourself.
  6. Mobile management access would be an advantage for you. Because you don’t need to open your PC or Notebook to access and maintenance your servers.

In esecuredata.com, you can find what you need. They are a company with an excellent service with support for 24 hours non-stop. They provide a lot of inexpensive servers. They also provide a wide range and a lot of dedicated servers, cloud servers, and virtual servers . They also provide a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service that offer unmetered bandwith, so you do not need to worry to increase your bandwith becouse it’s unlimited!

Mobile server management by esecuredata.com

With the latest and secure computer technology, your server will always be up. Look at the testimonials  from some esecuredata.com clients . They always made their customers number one. They never disappoint their customers.

Esecuredata.com allow you to manage your own server. You can manage your server via mobile. Esecuredata.com the right choice to make your real cloud service!

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