5:37 am - Tuesday December 1, 2015

Google + API is now available for Third Party Developers


Google + Social networks will become increasingly attractive with the opening of the Google+ API for third-party developers. In a post that existed at Google Blog , the company recently shared its API for other developers to create applications for Google‘s platform +. This API can be accessed through Google’s developer portal.

Recently shared API is only focused on public data only, which means third-party developers can create a new application that can only be read publicly shared information on Google +. This API uses standard web programming language and also includes libraries for Java, GWT, Python, Ruby, PHP, and .NET.

Google to encourage third-party developers to experiment with its API, saying “this is only the beginning”. Google provides three simple guidelines to follow third-party developers, which puts the user as a priority, should be transparent and respect the user data.

via SlashGear

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