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Windows 8 Change How to Copy-Paste Rules

If you are using Windows 7, there is a possibility if we do copy and paste files from one folder to another, there may be one or two files with similar names. Given the copy-paste is one of the most frequently used commands on any platform, Windows 8 trying to change our perspective in doing copy paste jobs.

If using Windows 7, users will get the option “Copy and Replace”, “Do not Copy” and “Copy, but keep Both files”.

doc. idGeeks

Using Windows 8, the user’s perspective will be changed to solve the problem of files with the same name. Users will get the option to select the file you want to be stored individually (see picture below).

doc. idGeeks

This will help the user to actually select the version of the file they want or keep the existing version. According to the posting of one of the official Windows 8, they plan to let users manage the work of copying from one place.

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